Autumn blows in

Yesterday at 5:00pm I was on my tractor in a t-shirt.
Today at 5:00pm it was 31 degrees.

Welcome to autumn in Kentucky...

Rediscovering the Cube

Like many other kids of the day, I learned how to solve the Rubik's Cube in the summer of 1981. Somehow, this knowledge came full circle this past week.

I learned how to do it while working at camp. My friends and I would mix it up and solve it time after time after time and the algorithm was so ingrained in our heads that we would often do the moves with our eyes closed after orienting the cube properly. We worked on full size cubes and the miniature keychain cubes. It got rather out of control. [……]

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Abortion != murder

I've been wanting to write this for quite a while and today seemed a fitting time. This afternoon President Bush signed the ban on partial birth (D&X - Dilation & Extraction) abortions and, while I support that measure, I disagree with many conservatives on a fundamental cornerstone of the abortion debate.

But first, I'd like to quickly debunk a point that the opposition to this law are going to bring up, specifically that it doesn't include an exemption for preserving the health of the mother. But what that phrase - "the health of the mother" - really means is another matter [……]

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One of the pressing questions of our time

New poll. Go vote. Thank you.

Undocumented Features

I just stumbled over an interesting feature in my browser of choice, Opera v7.20. It seems that, when viewing Opera's help system (written in HTML, of course), a new toolbar shows up automatically. It includes choices such as Contents, Glossary, First, Next, Last, Previous, Search and some other more specialized buttons.

But for whatever reason, it is also activated when viewing an article page on some blogs. I've only noticed it on blogs that use Movable Type, but it may happen on others as well. The only active buttons seem to be Home, Previous and Next but they work perfectly.

What have we become?

I've been following the Terri Schindler-Schiavo case, albeit in bits and pieces, since I first heard about it over a year ago. It saddens me that we have reached such a depth that some people are willing to literally starve this woman to death. And that's exactly what began less than an hour ago.

Make no mistake - this isn't some "pull the plug" scenario that plays like a bad made-for-TV movie where death comes in seconds or even minutes after life support has been cut off. Terri is going to starve to death, which may take two [……]

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Honey bun of the century!!!

I was feeling a mite peckish this morning and it was still quite a long time until lunch, so I grabbed some coinage from the retired Altoids tin in which I keep my spare change at work and toddled off to the vending machines.

In looking over the available selections, my eyes were irresistibly drawn to this item.  As you can see, it has been named PASTRY PRODUCT OF THE YEAR! and makes no beans about it, as this moniker has been boldly emblazoned in the upper left corner.

Imagine my excitement.

One can only [……]

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Thoughts of September 11th

Just some thoughts that occurred to me as I read this post by Dr. Bacchus.

It was no less surreal watching it unfold live on TV. About 20 of us sat huddled in one office trying to get a decent TV signal and talked about what we had heard from various sources and trying to sort out the conflicting stories and determine what was true and what wasn't.

But the whole room got quiet when the first tower crumbled. We all just sat in stunned silence, not wanting to believe what we had just seen. That's a feeling I'll [……]

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Update your links, if you please

Now I've gone and done it. I've registered a domain name for this site. If you have a link to this on your site, please update it to use the new url,

Happy Birthday, Bob!

We spent last evening celebrating the 90th birthday of the father of one of our friends. It's amazing to talk with someone who has seen the world change so much over the years - someone who remembers when traffic consisted mostly of horses & buggies, who remembers the troops coming home from World War I, who has seen the administration of 16 different presidents. He was married just shy of 50 years and for the majority of his adult life worked in the same job running an ice cream plant. (Any job where you buy sugar by the boxcar is [……]

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