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I'll give you $7.50 for the whole pile...

It's yard sale time in town. And for quite a distance in both directions. Stretching 450 miles from Northern Kentucky, straight through The Burg and well into Alabama, there's no larger collection of people trying to unload their crap on others outside of Disneyworld.

Be that as it may, it's fun to wander through and look at what people collect. Every now and then you actually find a gem among the detritus. Last year, we found a 1-year-old, mint condition, English show helmet for Thing 1 for $25.

I guess I need to get up a little early [……]

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Reason #1 (at the moment) why I like my small town

Flag and yellow ribbon
Unlike some towns, nobody ever thought that this was not a good thing.  Check out the full story (if you're not already) for more pics.

This is one of those "flag lined Main Street" type of towns. I like it that way.

Even City Hall got into the act.

Ode to Hee-Haw

When I renewed my truck registration recently, I noticed that Kentucky farm vehicle license numbers consist of 2 letters and 3 numbers.

That means that somebody in this state is driving around with a license plate that reads BR549.

(My stream of conciousness really scares me sometimes.)

Reason #327 why I like my small town

This is considered a major traffic jam.