Where's My Head?!?

So I've now entered the world of blogging, huh? What, exactly, that means I have no idea. But, I had space on a server and it seemed a shame to let it go to waste.

As this is my first real post, I guess I'll provide some background.

The cast of characters that you'll see mentioned on this site will run the gamut of family, friends and people I've never met and probably never will.

The topics will be widely varied because the many aspects of my life are widely varied. Among others, I expect to write about:

  • Family stuff - because I like my family a lot
  • Technical stuff - Linux, PHP, computers in general, my quest for CCNA certification
  • Tractor stuff - I have a 1948 Ford 8N that I'm going to try to restore
  • Christian stuff - it's who I am
  • Woodworking stuff - my hobby
  • Miniature horse stuff - we breed and show minis
  • Politics - ugly business that it is

Feel free to join in and submit posts, comment on existing posts, or just hang out.