Undocumented Features

I just stumbled over an interesting feature in my browser of choice, Opera v7.20. It seems that, when viewing Opera's help system (written in HTML, of course), a new toolbar shows up automatically. It includes choices such as Contents, Glossary, First, Next, Last, Previous, Search and some other more specialized buttons.

But for whatever reason, it is also activated when viewing an article page on some blogs. I've only noticed it on blogs that use Movable Type, but it may happen on others as well. The only active buttons seem to be Home, Previous and Next but they work perfectly.

Site navigation bar

Those extra buttons likely show up due to link rel tags added to the sites (view the HTML source). It sounds similar to Mozilla's Site Naviation Bar. To really see some of the power of this, try doing a query on bugzilla, or just look at the "bugs reported today". It uses the top, first, last, next, and previous buttons to help you easily navigate the list. Tim (worldtimzone.com)