Thoughts of September 11th

Just some thoughts that occurred to me as I read this post by Dr. Bacchus.

It was no less surreal watching it unfold live on TV. About 20 of us sat huddled in one office trying to get a decent TV signal and talked about what we had heard from various sources and trying to sort out the conflicting stories and determine what was true and what wasn't.

But the whole room got quiet when the first tower crumbled. We all just sat in stunned silence, not wanting to believe what we had just seen. That's a feeling I'll never forget as long as I live, no matter how much I would like to. Then the second tower went down. At that point we still thought there were most likely tens of thousands of people in them that morning. (Having it turn out to be only about 3,000 didn't make it any better - just different.)

When lunchtime finally came, I drove straight home and just hugged my wife and kids.