Strange Spam

I received the second strangest piece of spam that I've ever seen yesterday.

I actually wouldn't have seen this stuff had I not recently changed mail clients. Pegasus Mail doesn't grab linked images that are not included in the message itself. If it had I would've hit the delete key just based on the preview pane. Instead I saw this:

He called her Howard (or was it Howard?).When you see corporation beyond cheese wheel, it means that tenor toward leaves.Sometimes carpet tack defined by cheese wheel goes to sleep, but fighter pilot near always make love to of eggplant!Any maestro can admonish of graduated cylinder, but it takes a real stovepipe to abstraction over.Sometimes cup beyond dolphin dies, but for fundraiser always steal pencils from particle accelerator for!When you see gypsy around diskette, it means that of tenor goes to sleep.
And compete with the dark side of her light bulb.

And that's all I saw.

As it turns out, it was actually one of those debt elimination scams, but I didn't find that out until I forwarded it to myself at work.