Private lives in a public place

I got a kick out of this post by Moose but only because I've been thinking about creating a pseudo-private area on my site.

The initial idea was that I would have an area or three that would hold my rambling, cathartic posts about whatever but that wouldn't be accessible by the general public. Not that there's a huge glut of readership here, but the principle remains.

I would, however, like certain people to be able to see some or all of those areas. These are people whom I trust implicitly. These are people with whom I have no problems if they know what I'm thinking in my ugliest and darkest parts. These are people that I am glad to call friends.

Unlike Moose, however, I don't have as much interaction with them as I would like. So I was thinking that this might be a decent forum for communicating some deeper topics and maybe discussing things with them.

The hierarchical security structure around which Geeklog is built allows me to put this kind of structure in place easily, but it would require people to register as users, specifically request to be added to the security groups (which would be granted at my discretion) and login to the site if they wish to access these areas.

Comments, thoughts, random gibberish? Please leave them as comments on this article.

Re: Private lives in a public place

So, If I understand correctly, we have gone from <a href="" title=""></a> to individual spouts to trying to reestablish a community.. right?

Re: Private lives in a public place

Well, this area would be stuff that I wouldn't necessarily put on the TM3 discussion boards only because there are some people with access to the TM3 board with whom I am not that close and would choose not to share such things. My thinking was more along the lines that I don't have a good cathartic outlet for some things and I think being able to write them out on the blog will be a good thing. Writing makes me take more time to think about what I want to say and how best to say it rather than just babbling on in an incoherent stream of consciousness (although that has value, too.) I'm going to set up such an area in either case. I was just wondering what others thought about having access and needing to register to get it.