Poll added

I've turned on the poll feature of the system. Polls may appear from time to time when I have stupid stuff to ask about.

This first one is about a comedy line I read on the TopFive list. I immediately understood it because I am the product of a misspent youth but I realized that others with a different background may not get the joke. So I was just curious.

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Can't import this poll. Urgh!

Well - while porting my content to the new site, I discovered that poll questions have to be 128 characters or less. While I'm sure I could dig into the code and change this, I really just don't care that much. The only implication of it is that I can't import my first poll for archival purposes since the question was 254 characters long. So, I'm posting the results of it here. That'll have to do I guess. - - - - - - - - - - "After developing a healthy orange glow, an interest in Olivia Newton-John and an increased desire to roller skate, I realized that either these Xanax tablets are counterfeit or my doctor needs to work on his penmanship skills." Does anyone else get this? I get it! It's a hoot, boy! 0% (0 votes) I might get it but I'm not quite sure. 0% (0 votes) Huh? I don't get it. 100% (1 vote) What are you, some kind of sicko? 0% (0 votes) Total votes: 1