Party with Mr. Big

Today I learned that the world's most expensive cheese slicer was stolen a few years ago and hasn't been seen since. From the "Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should" department, it was a Boska slicer encrusted with 220 diamonds and was valued at between $26,00 and $28,000. The thieves were caught on camera nipping away with the utensil in question from the Amsterdam Cheese Museum but couldn't be identified. The second most important part of the story, though, is that if you find the thing and return it to the museum part of your reward is the world's largest fondue set called Mr. Big. I mean, it's a gallon and a half of melty cheese goodness! What's not to like?!?

The most important part of the story? There's a cheese museum in Amsterdam! And I want to go to there. It has to be gouda, right?!?