Mullings - An American Cyber-Column

One of my favorite email newsletters is Mullings by Rich Galen. It's usually political, as that's where Rich makes his real money, but now and then it's just a random stop in his brain. It's one of my favorites for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that Rich actually responds to his email - even the meaningless, little, snide comments that I send him. But the primary reason is that I just love his writing style. Here's a sample:

  • In the "What's New" section of the August edition of Popular Science there is a short article about a device which combines a snorkel and an FM radio.
  • If you are weightlessly drifting just below the surface of the air-dependent world, marveling at the diversity of size and form swimming before you, being awed at the interplay of color and light, while contemplating the notion of a God who can create the Aleocerdo cuvier as well as the Pterophyllum scalare it is not clear to me that you would, simultaneously, need to be listening to the latest offering from Linkin Park on KISS 109.5 or whatever.
  • Here's the actual description of how it works. I swear this is true:
      "Just bite down lightly on the snorkel's mouthpiece and vibrations from the radio signal are transmitted through your molars and jawbone to your skull, where they vibrate the bones of the middle ear. From there the vibrations stimulate the fluid and tiny hair cells that connect to the auditory nerve which transmits the signal to your brain."
  • If this device is at all appealing to you, I have one piece of advice: Switch to decaf.

If you like good, political commentary from a full-fledged conservative with a decidedly humorous bent to it, you should either read Mullings online or have it emailed to you 3 days a week. It's worth at least double the price. :-)

[Ed. note - I am not a paid shill for Mr. Galen, although I am open to the possibility if he finds himself in need of one.]