Look, Mommy! Mickey has an RPG!

In a much more chilling follow-up to the humorous story about the Disneyland knock-off in China comes this story from the AP about a kid's show on Islamic television.

Raise up a child to blow up busses and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Addition (05/11/2007): In this follow-up article in the Telegraph, Al-Aqsa TV refuses to change its programming. My favorite quote is "We have our own ways to educate our children and any criticism of this approach is shocking interference in our internal affairs." Of course, when they criticize the US for its support of Israel, it's neither shocking nor an interference in our internal affairs. Go fig.

Re: Look, Mommy! Mickey has an RPG!

Isn't it funny that the islamic "mickey mouse" is spouting a bunch of antisemitic, antiamerican garbage when that character is a singularly american creation, and a knock off of a character representing a company that is (or was most recently) headed by Jews! Notwithstanding Walt's supposed antisemitic bent way back when, the Disney company and her subsidiaries are chock full of Jewish-American CEO's today. Surely the lame-o producers of this send-up weren't going for some sort of pathetic satire? Personally, I don't think that a people who treat their women and children as chattel are that smart.