Honey bun of the century!!!

I was feeling a mite peckish this morning and it was still quite a long time until lunch, so I grabbed some coinage from the retired Altoids tin in which I keep my spare change at work and toddled off to the vending machines.

In looking over the available selections, my eyes were irresistibly drawn to this item.  As you can see, it has been named PASTRY PRODUCT OF THE YEAR! and makes no beans about it, as this moniker has been boldly emblazoned in the upper left corner.

Imagine my excitement.

One can only assume that this honor was bestowed upon this humble snack cake by the Breakfast Pastry Association of America or some other just-as-auspicious agency.

When I got this back to my office, accompanied by a fresh cup of coffee (and after I got the graphic designer - whose reaction we won't go into - to scan it for me), I was filled with anticipation of just how good this particular dining experience was going to be.  I opened the package and dug in.

To it's credit, it didn't thoroughly suck which may very well qualify it for the aforementioned distinction when compared to most other vending machine pastries.

I think I should call Mrs. Freshley and personally thank her for providing such a quality product.

Or maybe I'll just go get a bag of Dorito's... 

Re: Honey bun of the century!!!

Well, I just did some quick checking on the web and looky what I found... Who knew that (1) <a href="http://www.mrsfreshleys.com/">Mrs. Freshley</a> had her own web site and (2) that she knew how to make so many <a href="http://www.mrsfreshleys.com/mrs_Varieties/Category.cfm?CategoryID=46">different kinds of honey buns</a>. That Mrs. Freshley is a talented lady. Maybe she's <a href="http://www.littledebbie.com/">Little Debbie's</a> mom, huh?

Re: Honey bun of the century!!!

My guess is that you did not read the bottom of it and microwave it... but that's just a guess.... --Moose

Re: Honey bun of the century!!!

No, I didn't. Frankly, because the microwave at work scares me. It looks like it was salvaged from Cold War era East Germany.