Hollywood whines some more

SAG and IATSE have each issued statements raising the thought of potential blacklisting in response to some of their members' anti-war activism.

What they're really afraid of is that the viewing public will be turned off by the statements and actions of Martin Sheen, Mike Farrell, Susan Sarandon, Sheryl Crow and others that they won't watch their shows, go to their movies or buy their music. Last time I checked, that was called the Free Enterprise System.

Besides, aren't these the same people who argue against censorship by telling us that if we don't like the content of their shows or music, we can just turn it off? Nobody's forcing us to watch, right?

So now, when there is a real danger of people doing just that, they want to label it as McCarthyism. So it's apparently fine to turn off your TV unless it's liable to keep you from watching it.

Certainly, the Hollywood types have the right to express their opinions, just as Joe the Plumber from Peoria has the right to express his. What's apparent from the SAG press release, however, is that they think they should be immune from any consequences that their actions might bring. If people stop watching a TV show because they disagree with the star, that is their right as well. That means that ratings go down. That means the show loses ad revenue. That means the show may be cancelled. That is not blacklisting. That is the free market paying out. It's no different than people not watching Ellen DeGeneres' show-du-jour because they don't like her in-your-face homosexuality. Or because the show really sucked, which is more likely the case.

If Martin "I'm not a world leader, but I play one on TV" Sheen wants to be vocal about his opposition to war, more power to him. But he should be man enough to take the consequences of it. If his job is more important than his activism, he should keep quiet.

Simple as that.

Re: Hollywood whines some more

Now comes <a href="http://www.bayarea.com/mld/cctimes/5303729.htm">this</a>. Chrissie Hynde, the 50+ year old lead singer of the Prentenders, said during one of their concerts that we "[expletive] deserve to get bombed" and that she "hope[s] the Muslims win." Now this goes beyond the pale. This is not just anti-war, this is downright un-American. One can only hope that it's the drugs talking.