Discussing Pooh

I find it somewhat humorous that DrBacchus wrote about Winnie The Pooh this weekend as I was just talking to SWMBO about the same.

As we move into the trailer one of the pieces of the package deal is the existing satellite TV hookup. The kids were watching a WTP show on Toon Disney and it struck me that these newer shows capture none of the magical concept that these are stuffed animals and that all of this is happening inside Christopher Robin's head that is so evident in the initial movies by the aforementioned multinational conglomerate.

Luckily, the dish also brings with it 2 other shows that my kids are now hooked on. Trading Spaces and Robot Wars. From the first they are learning that some people (read: designers) sometimes make lousy choices and turn a room into a hideous nightware of brash colors and ugly furniture and others make better choices and make a really elegant room. From the latter, that some things are a game - just a game. And your poor robot can put up a glorious fight and still get it's little metal head bashed in and come out on the other side looking like it got run over by a giant Cuisinart. And after all that, you can still laugh about it and congratulate your opponents on a well played game. They also are learning that size and powerful weaponry don't always win. Talent and strategy usually play a much more important role in victory.

Or maybe I'm overthinking this and they're just becoming couch potatos.