And phydeaux runs screaming from the building...

Wow - I didn't know it was possible to dislike a job so much. I dislike the primary tools I have to work with and I dislike the project that I am working on. I genuinely like about 5 people here, genuinely dislike about the same, and the rest I honestly don't care one way or the other about. (Is that bad of me?) My local company is fairly good to work for but our corporation is a steaming pile. And the corporate IS leadership is comprised of a bunch of control freaks who don't really take time to evaluate whether what they are dictating is the best way to do a given job or not.

I have got to get serious about finding another job.

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[Ed. note -- The preceding rant is atypical of the author in the context of this blog - he rants all the time in person :-) - but we felt it necessary to permit his venting this time in the interest of public safety. Thank you. You may now return to your normally scheduled lives.]