A little light housekeeping...

Just some minor items that don't really belong anywhere...

I've been just horrible about not writing anything for the last few days and even then, nothing of any substance. But I am making a vow to myself (and anyone else who might actually read this thing) that I will be posting more regularly starting Monday. [This weekend doesn't allow time as SWMBO, Thing 1 & Thing 2 are involved in a horse show and the vast majority of waking moments will be spent at the Horse Park.] I have a few posts that I've been formulating in my head for some time now but just haven't taken the time to put into words yet. They will have substance, I assure you. And they will most likely tick some people off, ranging from friends to my mother. If I thought any strangers read this, I'd most likely tick them off, too.

Also, for all ONE of you who voted in the poll (thank you, who ever you are): Since you didn't get the joke, I will point you here.

Not only does this movie hold the distinction of being half of the inspiration for the Razzie Awards (in a double feature with the Village People in Can't Stop the Music) but it contains what I believe to be the some of the worst musical scenes in movie history - and that's saying something. There is a strange melding of Glenn Miller-ish big band sound with the edgy, not-quite-new-wave rock of The Tubes. On roller skates no less. And there's a weird Don Bluth animated love scene sequence thrown in, apparently just for kicks because it adds nothing to what tiny bit of plot there is.

I originally saw this because I was a huge ELO fan when I was young. And honestly, most of their songs in the soundtrack are pretty good. So are Olivia Newton-John's for that matter. But the conglomeration only serves to be one of the worst films in history. And that comes from somebody who watched Howard the Duck. Twice.

For even more excrutiating detail, see this site.


Now they've turned it into <a href="http://xanaduonbroadway.com/">a musical</a>. What's next? A breakfast cereal?